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ToDo list

  • Add section title for 'les DPI' as Guide DPI : added to menu left
  • Incporporate the PDF for Orbis : in production
  • Partie Diagnostique : from SLACK Arnaud, in news_bdd : fro 18th Feb. Arbre Decisionelle pour determiner etat diagnostique. Maybe better to include a simple link to this image, and include a 'page' in the appendicees ? : page added.
  • add link to the tutorials and docuthèque on the main site from the Autres_guides pages.
  • Check for Nav Bar : in the pages of the 'group familiale' they are either missing the nav bar, or the transclusion isn't working correctly.

proof reading

Liste des page nouvelement ajouer qui peut profite de quelqu'un francais a re-lire pour corriger mon grammaire (Oui je suis anglais d'orrigine, donc je vous demande pardon)

won't be done

These items have decided to not be done for various reasons, as I don't have direct access to the server (ssh to cli or remote desktop) adding these items adds a larger amount of admin for the heberger, for which they are not keen (lire c'est plus chere !). Also as the site doesn't run in its own virtual machine on their system adding items may have unforeseen knock on effects to other clients (not that I care that much, its not really 'my / our' problem, but it seems sensible to not upset them).

Other reasons are that some of these require a newer version of PHP or of the wikimedia than is currently installed on the system; Note however that my personal wiki (wiki.scibearspace.net (AKA : the Scibearspace wiki) has incorporated a lot of these additional functionality ~ to test how they work for the future.

  • Organise the required download to be able to use the tocright template.
see the TOC right page, the problem is that the TOC controls such as left and right are not part of the core of mediawiki !
  • Enabling translations Extension:Translate, this would enable me to start a page in english for others to translate
  • SVG, PDF document handling. SVG should work, but is complicated for some reason, works on the Scibearspace wiki, so is something to do with the apache config maybe ?

The above items could be potentialy solved by moving to a virtual private server, as mentioned above the current site management aren't happy if I send too many regular updates to the wiki database, or the apache server config for the site. Which is understandable.

Pages / rubriques à ajouter

S'il y a des pages qui doivent être ajoutées à ce wiki, veuillez placer une note dans cette section de la page de discussion de l'administrateur. Si vous souhaitez que des modifications soient apportées à une page existante, veuillez en faire une note dans la section de discussion de cette page, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer également un e-mail

  • détails des pages spéciales pour des maladies spécifiques
  • aide spéciale destinée aux utilisateurs de différents systèmes DPI (par exemple, section pour Easiy, Sofway, DXcare ... etc)
Ces pages sont en construction, accédez à la sous-section DPI:Autres guides pour les liens.


Veuillez ajouter d'autres idées dans cette section, ce seront des idées qui peuvent ne pas être directement liées à ces pages wiki


List of items that have been recently modified, and need to be chased down. see the slack thread for Arnaud and Elisabeth :

see also recent changes for a full list of the page names that have been modified. The search results will need to be extended to capture all the mods that where done on the 7th 8th april (and after)

in the left menu: ~ this is how they should appear. use the strikethrough when they are done, also note the requried mods from the recent changes that will be related to these page names.

  • Se connecter
  • Menu principal
  • En bref
  • La Fiche Patient complète
  • Page de recherche
  • Résultats de recherche
  • Groupes familiaux : would like to discuss how to partition this sections better
    • Créer une nouvelle pochette
    • Créer un arbre généalogique
    • Ajouter un membre de la famille
  • Autres guides
  • Arbres décisionnels
  • Manuel DPI
  • Informations supplémentaires